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SEEP & AMEA Trial Membership Interest Form

The SEEP Network and AMEA are thrilled to announce a network-to-network partnership to foster collaboration between our members and co-create learning activities.  

Filling out this form expresses your interest in joining either SEEP or AMEA on a six-month free trial basis. Note that only members in good financial standing of SEEP and AMEA may take advantage of this opportunity. Following the six-month trial, members will be invited to stay in the network they trialed at a 10% discounted rate.

For more information on the partnership, please visit:
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2. Contact Information
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3. As part of this learning exchange, SEEP & AMEA are creating a Learning Exchange on How to Improve Service Delivery to Farmer Organizations and Microfinance Institutions through Digital Technology. *This question is required.Would you be interested in joining this learning exchange?